FATIMA2, a social impact project supporting Human Rights Awareness and safety incommunities across Europe

FATIMA2: Preventing Honour Related Violence(HRV) against Women through Social Impact Projects and Peer Learning led by young men, is a holistic practice-based learning programme to strengthen communities’ capacity to reflect and engage in dialogue on the so-called honour crimes, in view of planning and acting towards their eradication.

Phase 1 of FATIMA2 has brought to life the embryo of a community of practice across EU countries. Folk Universitetet(SE), Rinova(ES), DAF Новини(BG), FISPE(FR), RefugeeTeam(NL), ZRS Koper–Znanstveno-raziskovalno središče Koper(zrs-kp.si)(SI), ARCI(IT), DIMITRA(EL) have led consultations with diaspora community representatives, civil society organisations, young people to further understand the specificities of HRV and the pressing needs for action to engage young people as community human rights ambassadors. Preliminary results point to active listening and intercultural awareness as instrumental in the making of counter-narratives that brew positive and inclusive cultural transformation. A summative report will inform the development of the development of learning resources that support youth workers in building the competences of young men in diaspora communities to act as peer leaders and ambassadors for Human Rights and gender equality.

The FATIMA2 consortium is actively seeking to engage community stakeholders and young people in the efforts to end HRV. A series of online seminars with experts in the field will be organised and open to all those interested in ending HRV.

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