Missed our first FATIMA2 Online Expert Seminar: Honour Related Violence  on the 21st of May? Watch the recording above.

The first of a series of webinars where a panel of invited experts presented and discussed topics related with honour related violence, exchanging knowledge and good practices in counteracting the phenomenon.

Part of the FATIMA2 learning programme, which is aimed at preventing honour related violence against women through social impact projects and peer learning led by young men, Webinar 01 invites participants to learn about the manifestations and impact of HRV, strategies for early detection and reporting, and the importance of campaigning in community context.
Engage in open discussions and gain insights on strategies to combat HRV.




17h – 17h15 


Brief on FATIMA2 

Speaker’s presentation 

17h15 – 17h40 

Honour Related Violence 

– HRV manifestations in Uppsala, Sweden 

– Impact (on the community, on young people, on intergenerational relations, gender relations, on the possibilities of integration in host countries) 

Speakers: Hilde Wiberg (Head of the Uppsala Ungdomsjour, part of the social services’ outreach and prevention work for children and young people) & Louise Niska (Uppsala Ungdomsjour, School Social Worker) 

17h40 – 18h00 

Awareness Raising on Early Detection & Early Reporting of HRV 

– Legal and Forensic implications of HRV manifestations 

Speaker: Janine Janssen (Legal Anthropologist and researcher, Dutch national taskforce for HRV) 

18h00 – 18h20 

Beyond Family Honour 

– Surviving Female Genital Mutilation 

– The importance of campaigning (contexts and responses) 

Speaker: Hibo Wardere (FGM survivor, author and campaigner)  

18h20 – 18h50 


Open discussion between speakers and audience 

18h50 – 19h00 

Closing remarks