Workshops against honour-based violence

The eight European partners of the FATIMA2 project have investigated over the past year how the project can contribute to ending honour-based violence against women in Europe. In January, we commenced the second phase of the project. In this stage, we are training social workers on how to educate young men to become ambassadors against honour-based violence. We achieve this by sharing our knowledge through workshops with social workers from the eight partner organisations.

We have gained significant knowledge on how honour-based violence manifests throughout projects FATIMA2. By sharing this knowledge with social workers within our eight partner organisations, they learn about their role, where their responsibilities are located, when to escalate concerns, and to whom. And also, how they can train young men to become human rights ambassadors.


In the Netherlands, the workshops took place on January 17th in Venlo and on February 1th in Tilburg. During these days, various cases were discussed. For example, how to initiate a conversation and what exactly does ‘Gender Equality’ entail?

The workshops enabled social workers to learn how to respond when there is a suspicion of honour-based violence among participants. The topic of ‘how to recognize honour-based violence’ was found to be the most interesting by the social workers.

Social workers from Refugee Team maintain close contact with their participants. The workshops can therefore contribute to changing the behaviour and actions of participants when it comes to violence related to honour crimes.

Community of Practice

The workshops mark the completion of the second phase. The third phase is ongoing. We are establishing the Community of Practice, consisting of a total of eight meetings for project partners. The intention is to discuss various themes within the project to learn from each other.

On January 26th, the first meeting was hosted by DA (Bulgarian partner) with the focus on: good practices on professional development of educators on GBV related topics. The next one is scheduled for March 15th and will be hosted by Rinova (Spanish partner) covering: Safeguarding young ambassadors in the context of intergenerational dialogue.