Module 1.1

Understanding Human Rights

This module prioritizes understanding human rights and legislation, compliance with international laws and promoting change through information sharing.

Module 1.2

Understanding Gender Equality

This module explores advocating gender equality, aiming to challenge discrimination and stereotypes across dimensions, irrespective of biological sex.

Module 1.3

Honour Related Violence

This module focuses on the role of young people as peer leaders and their empowerment to speak up about Honour Related Violence related issues.

Module 2.1

Judicial Procedures

This module relates to all modules and emphasizes the transfer of legal information on HRV and GBV protection to young ambassadors.

Module 2.2

Communication Tools

This module enhances young ambassadors’ communication skills, emphasizing active listening, empathy, and cultural understanding to address GBV and HRV.

Module 2.3

Conflict Management

This module introduces a guide for young men on conflict management and prevention, providing theoretical and practical activities for skill development.

Module 3.1

Awareness Raising in the Community

This module relates all modules, highlighting young people’s role as peer leaders and empowering them to address gender equality and honor-based violence.

Module 3.2

Inter-generational dialogue

This module delves into the impact of culture, the passing on of behaviours through generations, the cultivation of empathy, and the preservation of cultural heritage.

Module 3.3

Social Impact Projects

This module aims to provide young ambassadors with the tools to understand and build a social impact project, focusing on GBV and HRV.

Related Activities

A3.4 Social media presence

Module 4.1

Glossary for Social Impact Projects on HRV

This module relates to all modules, prioritizing information transfer to young ambassadors through versatile activities applicable to any topic.

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